I welcome today’s vote from the European Parliament on the new Regulation on the customs enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Innovation and creativity are the engines of our economy. It is important to give inventors the certainty that the fruits of their creations will be protected.

Customs’ unique position at the border plays a crucial role in stopping pirated goods from reaching the EU market. The enforcement of intellectual property rights by customs is therefore a top priority for the Commission. Today’s vote sets the gold standard at international level in IPR protection by customs and safeguards the competitiveness of EU businesses for years to come. With the new rules, we are extending the scope of IPR that can be legitimately controlled and protected at the borders. For example, counterfeit goods sent in small consignments are now covered, which is important if we consider the huge rise in postal traffic due to internet sales in recent years. And fake products carrying the sign of a well-known trade mark will also be blocked. This will keep the EU at the forefront of border enforcement of IPR, while also simplifying the work of customs and enshrining in law the rights of traders and of right holders.

See also the frequently asked questions on customs enforcement of intellectual property rights (MEMO/13/526).

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